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PCB Technical Capabilities

Number of layers 1,2,4, 6 up to 36 layers
Board shape Rectangular,round ,slots,cuouts,complex,irregular
Baord type Rigid,flexible,flexible
Board material FR4 glass epoxy, FR4 High Tg, Aluminum,Rogers,Polyimide etc
Board Cutting  Shear, V-score,tab-routed
Board thickness Flex ,0.2-6.0MM,0.01-0.25"
Copper weight 1.0,1.5,2.0,3.0, 6.0 
Solder mask Double-sided green LPI,also support red,white,yellow,blue,black
Silk screen Double-sided or single sided in white,yellow,black
Silk screen min line width 0.15mm or 0.006"
Max board dimension 45*45" or 114*114CM
Min trace / gap  0.004" / 0.1mm / 4 mils
Min drill hole diameter 0.006" / 0.15mm/ 6mils
Surface finish HASL ,Immersion Gold /Tin/Siliver, OSP, Gold finger
Board thickness tol +-10%
Copper weight tol +-0.25OZ
Min slot width 0.12" ,3.0MM,120mils
V-score depth 20%-25% board thickness
Plated through holes Yes
Sink holes Yes
Design file format Gerber Rs-274X,274D ,Eagle and Auto CAD DXF ,DWG


























PCB Assembly Technical Capabilities 

Type of assembly 

 THD (Thru-hole device) / Conventional 

SMT (Surface-mount technology)

SMT&THD mixed

Double-sided SMT and/or  THD assembly


Passives, small size 0201 

Fine pitch to 8mils

Leadless chip carriers/BGA,VFBGA,FPGA&DFN

Connectors and terminals

Component packing Reels/ Cut tape/Tube/Loose parts
Board dimensions

Small size: 6*6mm

Largest size: 600*500mm

Board shape Rectangular , Round , Slots, Cutouts,Complex, Irregular
Board type Rigid / Flexible /  Rigid- flexible
Solder Type

Leaded and lead-free

Water soluble solder paste

Manual soldering for special parts e.g. wires and temperature sensitve parts

Design file format

Gerber RS-274XD,Eagle, and AutoCAD DXF,DWG

BOM(bill of materials)

Pick and place file(XYRS)

























FPC Technical Capabilities

Layer (Max) Up to 8 layers
Board size(Max) 500*1000mm
Outer tolerance

a+/-0.2mm Hand Trim

b+/-0.25mm Steel rule dies

c+/-0.07mm Punch and dies

D+/-0.025 Laser cut

Hole Diameter(Min) 0.1mm finished
  Diameter tolerance

a. Plating thru holes+/-0.08mm

b.Non-plating thru holes +/-0.05mm

Conductor Drill position tol +/-0.076mm
Width tolerance +/-15%
Spacing(Min) 2mils
Pad Pad(Non-wiring) >=0.04mm+hole
  Pad(Wiring) >=0.03mm+hole
Coverlay Coverlay to Pad(Min) 100um
Coverlay to Conductor 100um
Coverlay width(Min) 250um
Stiffener holes >=0.25mm+Access hole