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We are committed to providing the PCB  and PCBA that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements. Our facilities hold a list of quality certifications (ISO9001, TS16949, UL) and the systems to support them.                                                   For quality control purposes, we perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any  board,we have invested extensively in inspection machinery, including:
Visual inspection   / High-voltage E-test / Flying probe machine / Tolerance sampling.

Digital computer metallographic microscope  /  Copper thickness tester /  Solderability detecting machine.

Photoelectricity balance  / X-ray gold thickness tester  / Backlighting tester / Automatic optical inspector .  ICT (in-circuit test) / BGA Rework  / Aging and Functional test  / Accurate Traceability on all materials.


  We offer RoHS compliant assemblies for both our domestic and overseas customers. 

We also have a number of customers operating in military and other market sectors that are exempt from RoHS and therefore we offer both “lead free” and tin/lead-based manufacturing processes in parallel.


 As an EMS manufacturer , embraced non-traditional industries including consumer electronics, industrial, medical and instrumentation; and added substantial vertical capabilities, stretching from design and ODM through system assembly, test, delivery and logistics, warranty and repair, network services, software and silicon design, and customer service.

 Corresponds ability to mass production / Ability to quickly put into production.
 Ability to continue to reduce costs Responsible for overall project.
 Ability to respond to changes in production / Ability to provide full and timely services