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New renovation and expansion planning and construction of residential charging pile 100%
Date:2015-12-23 10:28:42

     Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced a new energy minibus public charging facilities investment and construction management. In accordance with the requirements of planning the layout, the city in the "slow charge mainly for personal use, utilities make electricity supplement" under the guidance of the general idea, according to "overall planning, moderate advance, rational distribution, speed combined with" principle, planned in 2017 built citywide average service radius of five kilometers of public charging network (in 2014 have been completed and the city center 5 km radius of the average length of service of public charging network, basically formed in 2015 within the range of six-ring radius of five kilometers of the average public charging network service).
In addition, in order to guarantee the basic conditions for the construction of charging facilities, combined with the national policy requirements, the city and the renovation and expansion of new types of buildings, the following criteria shall be reserved for the construction of charging facilities construction or installation conditions: Office buildings in accordance with the construction of a parking space 25% planning and construction; commercial buildings and public parking class libraries (including P + R parking lot) in accordance with the construction of a parking space 20% planning and construction; residential buildings in accordance with the construction of a parking space planning and construction of 100%; other types of public buildings (eg hospitals, schools, sports facilities, etc.) in accordance with the construction of parking spaces for 15% of planning and construction. Encourage the existing public parking lot built with a certain percentage of the charging facilities.
Charging prices and fees. Charging facilities ventures charge service fees should be charged in accordance with the relevant requirements, and strictly enforce the price tag. Taking into account the inconvenience to each enterprise charge cards issued to different users and existing users of various payment methods coverage, the city requires charging fees must support the CUP card payment, to ensure the card use. At the same time, encourage the use of the municipal bus card, power cards, ETC cards, mobile payments and other convenient payment methods.

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