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Double-sided FPC for USB connector

ID: Flexible & Rigid Flex PCB

Product Description

Double-sided FPC manufacturer for USB connector


FPC(Flexible printed circuits) Manufacturer

FPC supplier with lead -free HASL

No Minimum Order

Paypal accepted for low-volume

Extremely competitive pricing

Dedicated sales representatives for fast response times


       Shenzhen Hengda Electronics is a leading manufacturer of precision Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) for customers worldwide. We specialize in quick-turn FPC prototypes to FPC mass productions, provide high quality and cost effective turn key solutions to our customers.           

       This table lists the standard flex circuits materials and material thicknesses that we may have daily available. If  the material or thickness you require is not listed, consult us. We have full specification of each material available for your required.


FPC Materials

Material Function

Material Type


Flexible Insulator


1/2 mil to 5 mil


Copper                                         *Rolled Annealed(RA) *Electrodeposited(ED)

1/4 oz(0.009mm)                              to 10 oz(0.356mm)

Rigid Substrate (Rigid-Flex)


3 mil to 125 mil


Acrylic Adhesive

1/2 mil to 3 mil

Adhesiveless Material also available


FR-4              Polyimide(PI)             Polyester(PET)             Adhesivetape          Steel/Aluminum/Copper

3mil to 125 mil                                 1/2 mil to 5mil                                1 mil to 15mil                                  6 mil

Solder Mask

Polyimide(PI)             PhotoimageableCoverlay       Liquid Photoimageable Covercoat

1/2 mil to 5 mil          

1 mil to 2.5 mil                              Liquid Typically for surface mount and dense applications

Surface Finish Options


Immersion Tin


Electrolytic Nickel Immersion Gold Electrolytic Hard Nickel /Gold            Electrolytic Soft Nickel/Gold


Immersion Silver




Solid Copper             Crosshatched Copper  Conductive Silver Aluminum

Required To Limited Electromagnetic and/or Electrostatic




Testing Procedures

We perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:

Visual Inspection

Flying probe

Bed of nails

Impedance control

Solder-ability detection

Digital metallograghic microscope

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)



Quick turn lead times

For Single sided and double sided FPC,the regular mass production time is 5-10days.

And the fastest turnaround time depends on the number of layers and quantity.

Service Guarantee:

We make sure to serve each customer professionally, truthfully and friendly to the best of our ability.  We will gladly re-work your project if your project isn’t 100% satisfactory.