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RoHS OEM PCB Assembly Turnkey Services

ID: Turn-key PCB assembly

Product Description

RoHS OEM PCB Assembly Turnkey Services


Turn-key production PCB assembly services

Solder Types:Lead-free/RoHS compliant

Pitch Components : As small as 15 mil pitch

Assembly Types: Single or double sided placement

Component Types:As small as 0402 package


Our production pcb assembly capabilities include machines placed SMT, THT, BGA and Micro-BGAs, in addition to mixed technology PCB assembly. Keeping on the forefront of component requirements, we offer surface mount placement down to 12 mil pitch, with a component range of 0201 to 52 mm square QFPs and BGAs.

Parts & Component Sourcing

For turn-key production pcb assembly services, we accept components and parts in the following Two approaches.

1.Partial Turnkey,customer supply part components .

2.Full Turnkey, We purchase all the components from our Authority agent ,100% original guarantee.



Get a quick quote now by sending in a bill of material, gerber files in 274-X format including assembly drawing and we will have a quotation back to you within hours. With Shenzhen hengda there is never a hidden cost and our prices are very competitive and reasonable.


Technical Capabilities


Supported Capabilities

Type of assembly

THD (Thru-hole device) / Conventional

SMT (Surface-mount technology)

SMT  & THD mixed

Double-sided SMT and/or THD assembly

Order quantity

1 to 100,000


Passives, smallest size 0201

Fine pitch to 08 Mils

Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA,  FPGA & DFN

Connectors and terminals

Component packaging


Cut tape


Loose parts

Board dimensions

Smallest size: 0.25” x 0.25”, 6mm x 6mm

Largest size: 15.75″ x 13.5″, 400mm x 340mm

Board shape







Board type




Solder Type

Leaded and Lead-Free

Water soluble solder paste

Manual soldering for special parts, e.g. wires and temperature sensitive parts.

Design file format

Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG

BOM (Bill of Materials)

Pick and Place file (XYRS)



Testing Procedures

We perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any board. These include:

Visual inspection,

X-ray Inspection,

AOI (Automated Optical Inspector),

ICT (in-circuit test), and

Functional test (test modules need to be supplied) .


Quick turn lead times

If all the parts are available, normally the PCBA prototype job can be finished within 3 to 5 days in our factory. This means that the order can be delivered within one weeks once assembly job start.


Service Guarantee:

We make sure to serve each customer professionally, truthfully and friendly to the best of our ability.  We will gladly re-work your project if your project isn’t 100% satisfactory.