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electrical wire cable, cable wire harness assembly

ID: Electric cable assembly

Product Description

electrical wire cable, cable wire harness assembly 


We have our own engineering team which has many years of experience in the area of making wires, cables, connectors and their related assemblies. We produce standard parts as well as accept custom requirement. We guarantee the quality of all our custom manufactured products, through our rigorous quality assurance and testing processes.



        We can manufacture custom-made cables and connectors to your specification. The cable can be soldered directly on to your PCB board or via a connector. The following is showing what we do.


Manufacturing Capabilities

 We can provide effective solutions for all aspects of the custom cable and connectors manufacturing process including designing, prototyping, soldering, termination, wrapping, and functional and/or quality testing. We can also provide large or small scale production runs before mass production.


Our wide access to cables, connectors, application tooling, testing fixtures and adapters allow us to meet all your industry and customer standards to a very high level.


Cable  and connector Assembly Design

 We can assist you with the design of your cable to make sure it is high quality and works for what you need it to, while also keeping costs as low as possible. Often minor design details can significantly increase the cost and complexity of a custom cable assembly, and we have the knowledge and expertise to know when these aren’t necessary and can pass the savings on to you.


Processing Capabilities

 Our top quality materials, components, processes and workmanship will ensure your custom cable is designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standard and will work effectively for what you need it to.


Support Capabilities

If you’re not sure what the best cable and connector solution is for your specific product, we can help you select the correct cable assembly. We can also assist you with engineering support and documentation, building to customer print, and the expansion of qualified suppliers on a customer Bill of Materials (BOM).


After your product is set up we can conduct product prototyping and first article inspection (FAI), and electrical and mechanical testing to make sure that you will get the most out of your cable assembly. We also provide ongoing technical sales support, engineering support and quality assurance after the sale so you’ll always have assistance and support when you need it.


Quick turn lead times

Usually the delivery time is 7-10 days , but it also depend on customers requirements and production difficulty.


Service Guarantee:

We make sure to serve each customer professionally, truthfully and friendly to the best of our ability.  We will gladly re-work your project if your project isn’t 100% satisfactory.