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Reverse Engineering / PCB Clone / Fast Prototype

ID: PCB Design / Layout / Clone

Product Description

Reverse Engineering / PCB Clone / Fast Prototype



Whether you need a new design or modification to an existing PCB design product, our expert PCB designers will provide you with error-free printed circuit board design and PCB layout solutions from simple 2 layer PCB designs to complex, high density, 30+ layers. We can design in rigid, rigid-flex PCB, or flex, of any shape or size.

If you have a schematic or a drawing, but do not have time or tools to complete the design, we can help you. With your schematic, we can take your design to completion in the following steps.

Design component footprints

Establish PCB outline

Setup design rules, e.g. spacing, impedance, etc.

Place components

Perform manual route traces on critical components, e.g. clocks, power, sensitive analog parts, etc.

Perform auto router

Run design rule checker

Produce Gerber files

We can also take your design to reality with PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services. 



Testing Procedures

We perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:

Visual Inspection

Flying probe

Bed of nails

Impedance control

Solder-ability detection

Digital metallograghic microscope

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Quick turn lead times

Boards vary from simple to complex, but we’ll tell you how long it will take when we quote your boards. Our layout team is fast, but will take the time required to ensure that you receive a quality layout. We will have two reviews with you; one at part placement and one after routing. Your response time at these two points will impact our delivery time, but we plan ahead, so you can too!

Service Guarantee:

We make sure to serve each customer professionally, truthfully and friendly to the best of our ability.  We will gladly re-work your project if your project isn’t 100% satisfactory.